Quick 6 Benefits of Cloud-based Video Management

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Quick 6 Benefits of Cloud-based Video Management

This article discusses quick six benefits of cloud-based video management for physical security.

1. Cloud-based technology is cost-effective

For sites with 10 or fewer cameras cloud-based video, management is a cheaper route than maintaining an on-site server and hardwired cameras. The greatest portion of this cost savings comes from relatively recent reductions in the cost of storing video footage in the cloud — about half of what it used to be. This is in part due to advanced compression technology, which means more footage can be stored in less space.

2. Rapid deployments

IP cameras are by nature faster to set up than analog cameras. All that’s required is an adequate Internet connection, POE network switch, mounting hardware and desktop or mobile device monitoring applications. When it comes to registering cameras to the security system and connecting them with the network, all you have to do is push a button. All the hard work behind the scenes is handled by cloud-based services IT staff, who are experts (fast and smart) at deploying your specific technology.

3. Maintenance

With cloud-based physical security systems, installation and maintenance is left to the provider, which leaves personnel — and home office IT personnel — free to spend time on more important tasks.

4. Easy system conversion

In many cases, companies would like to make use of new IP technology and cloud-based services but it can be difficult justifying the cost of retiring legacy systems. However, IP security hardware is easy to add to existing systems. Also, analog cameras can be converted for use with cloud-based solutions within minutes using video encoders. This helps preserve the initial investment in analog security cameras.

5. Flexible use

Because IP cameras are connected to the network anywhere within range of the Internet, the cameras can be moved at will. This allows managers to cover hotspots within their building where problems appear.

6. Try before you buy

The off-site nature of cloud-based physical security means retail loss prevention and security personnel can easily test the new systems before deciding to buy. Prime offers a security demo kit that allows potential customers to test the system with a temporary account for 30 days to see exactly how it works before buying.

For an extended read on this topic visit, Is cloud-based video management a fit for retail physical security? Here’s when it makes sense.

Otherwise, reach out to Prime Secured to ask about your 30-day free trial.

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