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Enterprise Physical Security Solutions

Seeking a security integrator? Whether it's video surveillance, access control, license plate recognition, or complete custom solution we've got you covered.

Peace of Mind for Your Enterprise: Comprehensive Security Solutions

At Prime Secured, we specialize in delivering exceptional physical security solutions tailored to the specific needs of large enterprises. With our dedicated team of security experts, we offer advanced and effective solutions such as access control systems, video surveillance, and intrusion detection.

Enterprise Security Camera Systems

Unified Security Solutions

With a unified approach, you gain centralized control, real-time monitoring, and a holistic view of your security landscape. Say goodbye to fragmented systems and enjoy the benefits of a unified security solution that maximizes safety and minimizes complexity.

Video Surveillance

Enhance your security operations with advanced video management. Get a comprehensive view of events and respond quickly to potential threats with this scalable system. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest hardware and analytics technology, leading to continuous improvement in your security and decision-making capabilities. 

Access Control

We offer flexible and adaptable access control that doesn’t require proprietary hardware. Our platform integrates access control with video, communication, intrusion, and other systems, creating a comprehensive and unified security strategy. This leads to enhanced collaboration, improved efficiency, and strengthened defenses against emerging threats.

APLR (Automatic License Plate Recognition)

Effortlessly identify vehicles as they enter your facility, without any effort on your part. Imagine being able to distinguish between vehicles of interest and quickly determining how long a vehicle has been parked in a specific location. APLR allows you to detect and recognize license plates, and effortlessly locate the vehicles you need.

Additional Services

Alarm Systems

Secure and user-friendly systems with 24/7 monitoring, remote access, and custom alerts.


Streamlined, durable turnstiles for enhanced access control and security.

Metal Detectors

Designed with advanced technology and sensitivity, our detectors accurately detect even the smallest metal objects.

Visitor Management

Efficient visitor management with integrated registration, ID verification, and real-time tracking.

Facial Recognition

Next-gen security with facial recognition technology. Quick, accurate, and secure access control.

Gun Shot Detection

Enhance safety with gunshot detection. Rapid, accurate alerts for improved public safety.

Sound Analytics

Real-time sound analytics for informed decision-making. Cutting-edge technology for environment optimization.

Video Analytics

Maximize your video surveillance with AI-powered analytics. Real-time threat detection, improved efficiency, and valuable insights.

Panic Buttions

Instantly alert authorities with panic buttons for ultimate peace of mind.

Mass Notification

Efficiently inform and prepare your organization with mass notifications. Rapid, multi-channel critical alerts.

LiDAR Solutions

Revolutionize perception with LiDAR technology. Real-time mapping and measurement for autonomy and spatial analysis.

Public View Monitors

Boost premises security with high-definition public view monitors. Deter criminal activity in busy areas.

Completed Security Installations

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