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Prime Secured

We build IT and security solutions that solve problems and deliver peace of mind through trust and technology. We create passionate, growth minded teams that care about each other and our clients. 

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IT Resources


Business Intelligence

Physical Security


To provide coast to coast services


Omaha, NE

Contact Information

Phone: 1-402-289-4126

Dallas, TX

Regional Office

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Phone: 1-888-289-4899

Columbus, OH

Regional Office

Contact Information

Phone: 1-614-515-6820

Core Values


We truly believe in serving and making things easier for others. We understand we are all one team and we do our job in a way that makes the next person’s job easier. We want others to succeed and find ourselves frequently asking - “How can I help?”

Own it!

We take ownership and pride in our work. We also deeply value integrity and vulnerability so we take responsibility when we make a mistake and quickly solve it. ​

Growth Minded

We are committed to learning and growing both personally and professionally. We are hungry to – Learn, Teach and Grow together.

Play Chess Not Checkers

We are strategic and leverage the collective intelligence towards solving the problem together. We strive to see ahead and anticipate future consequences to ensure success.

Everyone has a story, collect it

We appreciate and embrace the differences between us and believe that it makes our organization great! We believe in being open minded and leaning into the other person’s personality style to gain quality perspective. We do ask a lot of questions along the way!