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Choosing the right managed services provider is crucial for your long-term technology goals. It’s not just about the services offered today but finding a partner committed to your growth. This includes regular quarterly evaluations of progress, anticipating future needs, and actively seeking feedback for continuous improvement. At Prime, we provide more than just solutions; we offer a partnership. With us, you’ll receive a detailed technology roadmap tailored for your growth and strategic budgeting.

Do you know what to include in your IT budget?

Do you know how much you should be allocating to your IT budget? Check out our IT budget checklist.

Virtual CIO & CISO Services to Move You Forward

Understanding what our clients’ ultimate goals are and what problems they want solved is important for us know and provide guidance. See our virtual CIO & CISO services that are included as part of our service.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) focus on aligning your technology strategy with your business goals. In these sessions, we assess past performance, identify improvement areas, and set future objectives. This ensures your IT investments are in sync with your business’s growth, keeping your strategy responsive and forward-looking.

Technology Budgeting & Strategy

Technology Budgeting and Strategy ensures your IT spending aligns with your goals. We strategically plan your technology investments, offering a 5-year roadmap. By focusing on efficient resource allocation and identifying key technologies, we guarantee your investments have maximum impact.

General Technology Guidance

We’ll provide expert insights to help you navigate the IT world effectively. We offer tailored recommendations for optimizing systems, adopting new solutions, and leveraging technology for growth.

Security Posture & Review

We offer an annual cybersecurity review to assess your security posture, with a focus on Office 365 and Active Directory cleanup. This ensures that no closed user accounts have been overlooked throughout the year, maintaining a secure and efficient IT environment.

Breifing on Industry Trends & New Technologies

The tech world changes quickly, and we’re here to keep pace, ensuring you’re informed about new threats, trends, standards and superior solutions for your needs. We handle the research so you don’t have to, staying ahead of the curve to keep you informed and secure.

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Depending on your industry, demonstrating completion of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests may be a requirement, or you might simply seek peace of mind knowing your network is secure against exploitation. In either case, Prime can offer this service upon request to meet your needs.

Why should you care about working with a provider that prioritizes technology strategy?

Review these statistics to see what businesses on average experience by implementing a technology roadmap.

cost savings in technology expenses through strategic technology planning and budgeting.
0 %
of projects exceed their budget, yet those with a defined technology roadmap and budget are 75% more likely to stay within forecasted spend.
0 %
more likely to see above-average growth than peers focused solely on maintaining existing systems.
0 X
of businesses using technology roadmaps aligned IT with business goals, and boosted efficiency and revenue.
0 %

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