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Network Assessment- IT Environment Overview

The Importance of Evaluating Your Network

Getting a network check-up, or assessment, is key to ensuring your organization’s IT infrastructure operates at its best, is secure, and is reliable. We’ll look closely at how your network is currently functioning, identifying any weak spots, slow points, or setup mistakes that could lead to problems, such as system crashes, security risks, or other slowdowns. Even if you already have a tech support team or service provider managing your network, having a separate IT audit can be very eye-opening. We have conducted network assessments and found that businesses often think everything with their network is fine, but our audit reveals there are significant issues that have been overlooked.

Findings from over 30 Assessments from Companies with an Existing MSP

Admin accounts enabled but inactive for 90+ days.
0 %
No enforced password policy.
0 %
MFA not enforced on all email accounts.
0 %
Devices with unsupported software.
0 %
Have unsupported network hardware in use.
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What's Included in Your Network Audit Report?

Network Assessment- Risk and Issue Score

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